Some Reasons Why You Need A String Trimmer For Your Lawn


A garden, lawn, a backyard these are the areas of a home that make it beautiful and appealing. But an unkempt lawn can also make an abode look shabby and dumpy. But cutting grass or removing weeds and debris can be back breaking project which most people tend to procrastinate. The good news is with String Trimmers like the dewalt dcst920p1 landscaping or beautifying a garden has become simple. According to picking up a string trimmer and working on the yard landscape project gives you a sense of satisfaction and happiness also.

A string trimmer is your friend when it comes to gardening responsibility because it can reach and cover places and corners a lawn mower does not. There are a number of trimmers available in the market. The major classification is between a hand held string trimmer and string mowers. The mower version has a stronger horsepower as compared to the handheld one. Both the types are very stable and come with tilting parts that allow moving in areas that are narrow, small and tight. A string trimmer can also clear small branches and other garden debris making it a one-stop machine. Besides this, string trimmers come in various shape and design. Another area where they differ is the type of fuel they use to power the machine.

Electric String Trimmers – Because these types don’t operate through gas, they are lighter, but the cord that connects to the electrical outlet can hamper and limit the range of motion.
Gas String Trimmers – As they name say these string trimmers work by using oil/gas as fuel. The major drawback here is the population they cause due to emissions.

Propane String Trimmers – Because propane is expensive, if this trimmer is used frequently or constantly the total cost may add up to a huge amount.
The type of string trimmer one may need for the work to be done in the yard. For example, if it is very tall grass that needs to be moved a reliable and powerful engine is required. For a big garden that may require hours of work, an electric trimmer is a better option because it is light and less expensive in the long run. Gas operated, or propane fueled trimmers have immense engine power but are costly to fuel or dispose of. A small yard can be trimmed with a battery operated string trimmer easily. Weigh the pros and cons of each design before making the final purchase.

The inner working of a string trimmer is simple. A combustion engine powers a rotating cylinder that is attached to a monofilament line that cuts grass. This is the basic design of a string trimmer over which improvisations are made to create different models. A simple design ensures that there are few problems and jams when it comes to using a string trimmer to create a beautifully landscaped lawn. We recommend users to try a few models out to find the string trimmer that suits best to their yard needs.

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