Lipogaine is a formula that is used to treat hair loss. it contains minoxidil and some other ingredients that helps it to achieve the required results. Having hair loss is the most embarrassing thing and creates emotional stress to millions of people suffering from this. At this era we are in, having a head with healthy hair is the most preferred thing especially by men. This is because quite a number of ladies would prefer a man with a head with full hair line than the one without. Therefore so many men puts this issue being among the first things to address in their to do list. This thinning of hair and hair loss can be brought about by a variety of conditions and the most common one being the Androgenic Alopecia also known as the pattern hair loss. People at the age of fifty are mostly affected by this condition. Many people have been battling with hair loss.
There are so many internet sites that try to show better products to provide a solution to this problem which they don’t at all. These only adds up customer stress as they do not provide the solution that the customer wants. There is one product that has provided what the customer wants. Using Lipogaine can be the best solution to curb this problem. Some people may ask ‘does Lipogaine work’. According to so many people who have used Lipogaine, have proven beyond doubts that Lipogaine has really helped them regain their lost hair. Lipogaine has a product for both men and women.
Lipogaine works by reducing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) level and stimulating growth. With high DHT level one can have negative effects to the health of the hair. This is because, DHT will attach itself to the hair follicle, denying it of its nutrition causing it to shrink and eventually the follicle falls. With this,only two options are left to solve this. The first being either reduction of DHT levels or stimulating growth.
How does Lipogaine work?
Lipogaine combines these two approaches, it works by stimulating growth and reducing DHT levels. To achieve better results, lipogaine has comprehensively combined proven ingredients in one solution therefore providing a a complete solution that has maximum results. Together with minoxidil, Lipogaine also has some other DHT blockers like fatty acids, azelaic acids and other commonly know DHT blockers hence claiming thatit does not only stop hair loss but also helps in regrowing it again. Lipogaine uniqueness is in its formulation and its ingredients. Lipogaine ingredient has a perfect optimization of its concentration which is carefully evaluated and therefore ensuring that ingredients works perfectly and efficiently to provide maximum results.There are so many products outside there that lists the same ingredients but in fact they do not deliver the required results as Lipogaine does. When looking for a solution to your hair loss, a proper research on the product to use is of great importance. Lipogaine has a very easy way to apply and it should be applied to dry hair. It is packaged with a dropper indicator that adds simplicity in its use. You fill Lipogaine to the dropper to the desired amount and then, to the area where you want to treat, slowly squeeze the solution out. Make sure the solution comes into contact with the area where the hair has been lost so that it can be absorbed around the thinning area. You can use your fingers to rub the solution around the area you are treating and this process just takes a few minutes to complete.
Lipogaine comes into formulas which are convenient for both men and women. Lipogaine for men contains 5% of minoxidil and form women contains2% minoxidil. The reason why the percentage value of minoxidil is lower in women product is that, women are more sensitive to minoxidil side effects. The side effects of Lipogaine are very minimal compared to products such as propecia. Mostly those people who have high sensitive to scalp are likely to experience some itching and irritation on the treated area which is mostly caused by propylene glycol. an advice is given that if this irritation continues,stop using Lipogaine until a doctor advises you on the same.

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