What Is The Best Food For Your Pet Rat?

Having a pet rat is becoming increasingly common among households. If you are new to having a pet rat, then you may wish to know the best rat food. Rats love to eat almost everything that we humans eat on a daily basis so you can also share the food that you have. However, make sure that you keep clean water and change it daily along with the food that your serve. You can visit the Rat Central blog to know more information about rat care. For those who want to know about raising other types of pets can visit www.petguide.com.

Rat blocks are exclusively designed for pet rats. Though they are small in size, they are very rich in vitamin and other minerals that are essential for the rats. This food keeps the rats healthy and active. Soy is another healthy food that can help prevent cancer in rats. Make sure that you buy soy meal from the best organic brand possible. Protein blocks can really help rats lead a healthy life. However, you need to offer low protein blocks to male rats. Otherwise they will suffer from itchy scabs.

In some cases, you can offer dog food to your pet rats. Some dog food which contains beans, grains and veggies can be a healthy option for your rats as well. Dog food with low fat content are an excellent option. Fresh fruits and veggies can really do wonders for the pet rats. They can help in fighting cancer and rats really enjoy snacking on common fruits like melons, apples, pears, berries, bananas and plums. You can also choose to treat your rat with exotic fruits like papayas, kiwi and mangoes. Some favourite choices of vegetables for rats are pumpkin, zucchini and spinach.

Always feed in small portions and avoid feeding them too many juicy fruits or greens in a single meal. Rat loves gnawing on bones. They also enjoy bone marrow. Bones offer the great source of protein for your tiny pet. You can feed liver, chicken, beef and shrimp in tiny bits. Canned oysters are one of the most favorite treats for rats.

You may need to keep experimenting with different types of foods to find out which ones your rat prefers. Other fun treats that you can consider for your rat are whole wheat bread, cooked rice/pasta, dog biscuits and yoghurt. You must also know the list of foods that you should never feed to your pet rat. The list includes green bananas, oranges, green potato, raw onions, raw sweet potatoes, raw dry beans, raw peanuts, blue cheese and wild insects. There are also some foods, which should be offered with caution. They are carbonated drinks, peanut butter, chocolate, dried corn and avocados. Other food that can be offered sparingly are eggplant, beets, cucumber, spinach, radishes and lettuce.

You should avoid feeding generic rodent mixes as they cannot offer all the required nutrients. Moreover, they may also contain ingredients that your rat does not need. There are many homemade recipes available on the Internet. Take your time to browse through those recipes to find a suitable one for your rat or talk to other experienced pet rat owners to get more ideas.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Juicing

Though it is believed that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the best bet for a healthy life, there are numerous health benefits to be had by juicing. For many who either do not like to eat fruits and vegetables or cannot eat due to various health issues, juicing is the best bet. A juicer can be used to extract the minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients, click here to know more about juicers. The nutrients present in fruits and vegetables can protect you from heart diseases, digestive system issues, cancer, etc. as per reports in www.webmd.com. Apart from tasting great, juicing detoxifies the body and thereby rejuvenates the body making you look and feel healthy.
You might think why to juice when you can eat. Yes, eating is good, but juicing is not bad too. Juicing is known to have a lot of healing power, but mainly it has the potential of nutrients and the aids digestion and quick absorption. Below are a few healing properties of juicing.

Juice and nutrients:
Fresh fruits and vegetables have a lot of healing power is a known fact. But it is inconclusive as to whether it is best to eat it cooked or raw. Many are of the opinion that improper cooking of vegetables destroys the nutrients in them and what you eat is not nutritious. It is also thought that enzymes present in the food are damaged due to cooking.
Presence of enzymes in your body is significant, in this context enzymes help in food digestion. Everyone felt that the fast food that you ate is not digesting, this is because these foods are processed and enzymes removed.
When you are consuming fruits and vegetables, it is considered best to have it uncooked or raw. The nutrients present in these foods are intact and hence quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and digested quickly.

Assimilate quickly and easily:
The Digestive system is the organ in your body which converts the food into energy by breaking it down. There are some foods like dairy products, meat, etc. that cannot be digested quickly and hence stays there for a considerable time. That is the reason fat gets accumulated, clogs the bloodstreams, and you feel tired.
Another significant healing power of juicing is that the juicer does the work of the digestive system, you are directly feeding nutrients to the body and hence quick assimilation of food. By juicing, the complete process of digestion is skipped, and you get the nutrition power quickly without consuming much energy. Drinking juices bypasses the process of digestion but keeps your body energized and refreshed.

Adding more variety food to your body:
Many people have strong preferences when it comes to food, they might not like to eat certain types of vegetables even if it is good for health. For such people, juicing can be useful. You can add a mixture of vegetables to a juicer along with a few fruits, lemon or ginger to give a different taste. Moreover, a healthy diet means to include a whole lot of vegetables and not eating the same every day. By juicing you can very quickly expand your choice by adding different phytonutrients to your body which offer many healing benefits.

The Different Version Of Life Insurance


In somewhat ways, life insurance is a guarantee for our health. It is with almost all the current population and also a huge business. The insurance industry had been working as a guard to our life, however not for free. Life insurance nowadays is undergoing a severe change which can make huge differences in the future. In some countries, it is a must to have a life insurance. You can learn more about these in www.forbes.com. Not only life insurance other insurance such as vehicle insurance, accidental policy insurance etc. When new changes take place, it is sure that there will be enormous changes in the insurance industry which could be of better help to the insured, we wish. The possible changes that can affect the life insurance industry are given below.

Social media will play the part of the agents or brokers, who used to sell the policies to us. Through social media, people will be able to buy the policies online and in real time. They might require the application facility in their mobile phones. It will be quite simple. Initially, you will need to find a person who needs the insurance and then give them the application forms, gets them signed and assign them to an underwriter. The underwriter will then make the policy, set the premium and the payment method and then pass it to the client. In the coming years, no one will have time for all these, and all the transactions will be through social media which will create a change in the purchasing process.

There may arise technologies which can find diseases you get in future and you may able to take an insurance according to that. Sounds Interesting, isn’t it? The same formula can be applied to life-threatening diseases such as cancer etc. Not like these days, wherein the insurance gets rejected saying you have not informed them about the disease while you took the insurance. We may get hospitalised thinking that the insurance will cover us. But the truth is they find ways to the maximum level to reject the insurance claim. In future, it might not happen.

This is the time for the Digital world and insurance is, of course, a part of it. The insurance industry has been not so welcoming to the new technology. However, with digital formats and cloud technology, they will be forced to use digital technology. The customers can be identified with the help of these technologies like who can have diabetes in future or who can have a blood pressure hike in future etc. In the future, the insurance industry might not have to update the customers about what they do; the customer will select one according to their wish.

There could be a possibility of seeing robot- advisers or insurance agents in the future. It is sure that the buyer experience will change in the future about the insurance. The different face of life insurance can be seen in nearly twenty years, as per the experts and we hope that it can do good to the people.